Automatic Weighing System

Automatic Weighing System

Model No.︰HDW-1000A

Brand Name︰SINBON

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

HDW-1000A Automatic Weighing System

The automatic weighing system is consisted of the Infeed conveyor, the barcode recognizing machine, the automatic check weigher, the output conveyor, the reject device and the automatic inkjet printer. If the system is equipped with the metal detector, it can detect metals and check product weight at the same time.

The automatic weighing system is used to check weight from the outer carton box of finished products in order to prevent the error code, the empty packing carton boxes, and other objects left in the carton boxes before entering the markets. Especially, it controls the personal error in the production line.

  • Automatic barcode recognizing function

The barcode recognizing machine recognizes the product barcode on the carton boxes and tells the automatic check weigher the standard weight of this product based on current barcode.

  • Check Weigher with high accuracy

In the dynamic status, the automatic weighing system can find the neglected loading objects, the misloading objects and other objects because the check weigher accuracy is ±50g.

  • Automatic set product parameters 

When checking the new products ,firstly let new product pass through the barcode recognizing machine, the barcode recognizing machine gathers the data and tells the check weigher product barcode, then the system will check the product for several times and set the standard weight of the checking product. The system can store more than ten thousand product parameters. 


  • Automatic reject function 

When checking the product is underweight or overweight, the reject device will reject product automatically to control the defective product. 

  • Automatic recognizing qualified products 

When the system checked product weight is qualified, the inkjet printer will print the qualified weight, qualified mark and product date on the qualified products.     

  • The sound and light alarm function  

The alarm lamp is consisted of red (overweight, underweight, error code, codeless), green (qualified) and buzzer. It makes the operator recognize the qualified objects and the status of check weigher system. 

  • Storing Product Parameters  

The automatic weighing system is connected to the scanning system and stores the data of shipment automatically. It is very convenient to print and look up in the computer.   


  • Model:  HDW-1000A
  • Product Weight Range: 1-50KG 
  • Max. Product Weight: 1000mm(L)×1000mm(W)×500mm(H) 
  • Max. Speed: 25 pieces/minute 
  • Accuracy:  ±50g 
  • Weighing Table Conveyor Length: 1100mm 
  • Weighing Table Conveyor Width: 1000mm 
  • Weighing Table Conveyor Height: 700±50mm 
  • Diameter of Roller:  Φ50mm 
  • Air Source: 0.5~0.7 Mpa 
  • Power source: AC220V; 50Hz; 1P 
  • Working temperature: -5~40℃ 
  • Relative humidity: <95% (non-condensing) 
  • Weight: 360kg 
  • Grade of protection: lP54
  • Optional accessories: Infeed Conveyor, Output Conveyor, Inkjet Printer


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