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Peristaltic Pump Liquid Filling Machine

Model No.︰BT-100CA
Brand Name︰SINBON
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


■ Large-screen color LCD graphic display, along with three operation- flow , timing and filling
■ Other basic functions-emptying full speed, suck-back angle set, flow correction, Beijing time, ambient temperature.
■ Meau:flow (speed display on the screen),timing(operated by appointment),filling(infrared sensing)
■ Operation instructions:Panel operation, pedal switch (automatic recognition), external control (analog signal and communication protocol)
■ Rotating code switch, convenient and practical, with voice and text prompt, can be operated easily without special training.
■ Applicable pump heads: 153Yx、253Yx、DG(can connect two pump heads, forming two channels at same flow rate ).
■ Strong corrosion resistance atramentous PPS & good appearance and chemical properties lightly colored PSU material pump heads for selection.
■Standard configuration: Digital display driver, pump head, tubing(2 meters optional)
■Optional configuration: foot switch, spare hose, filling needle, hose joint, anti floating countersunk head
Note: the footswitch control the start and stop in two states-jog and last, the pump automatically identify external footswitch


Display mode  Color LCD graphic display
Speed  1~100.0rpm,reversible
Speed mode  Rotary encoder switch
Operate mode  Flow , timing , filling
Function  Full speed emptying, suck-back angle settings , flow correction , time adjustment , ambient temperature detection
Suck-back angle  0~360° arbitrarily set
Foot switch  Automatic identification ( can be set to inching operation or continuous running)
Filling running  Can be set to run automatic program run or infrared sensing ( missing bottles only irrigation)
Dimension  L304×W166×H178(mm) ,total weight:3.5-4.5Kg 
Work environment  -20-60℃,Relative humidity less than 85%
Power supply  Ac220V50/60Hz(Ac110V50/60Hz optional),consumed power 18W
Max pressure  ≤0.17MP,short time up to 0.27MP ( hose outlet pressure )
Control mode  Start and stop , direction , and speed control:0.5-5V/10V、4-20mA、0-10KHz;RS485 in MODBUS protocol
Protection grade  IP31


Reference flow rate

Reference flow rate(ml/min,Medium:water,Speed:0.1-100rpm)
Pump head 153Yx(314D) 253Yx


14# 16# 25# 17# 18# 15# 24# 35# 36#

ID x wall(mm)

1.6×1.6 3.2×1.6 4.8×1.6 6.4×1.6 7.9×1.6 4.8×2.4 6.4×2.4 7.9×2.4


Flow rate 0.02~21 0.07~79 0.17~194 0.29~275 0.39~380 0.2~135 0.26~248 0.3~390 0.5~500


Reference flow rate (ml/min,Medium:water,Speed:0.1~100rpm)
Pump head


Tube 1×1


ID x wall(mm) 1×1


Flow rate 0.005~10 0.014~13 0.023~23  



Product Image

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