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Auto sauce cream honey filling machine

  • Auto sauce cream honey filling machine
  • Auto sauce cream honey filling machine
Model No.︰YH-500
Brand Name︰SINBON
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Brief Introduction

The automatic honey, cream, paste filling machine is composed of touch screen, PLC, rotor pump, conveying system, movable bracket etc. It is a new type of automatic filling machine with small footprint and convenient movement newly developed by our company. The machine not only can work with user's existing production line to realize automatic production, but also can be used as a desktop automatic filling equipment; it can not only meet the needs of large-scale production in factories, but also meet the production needs of small batches such as laboratories or workshops. This is the machine with small size, strong functions and wide range of applications. A slight adjustment of the equipment according to the actual needs of users can meet the actual filling needs of users.



Famous brand touch screen, PLC, motor, electrical components, etc. are used to ensure machine system can working stable in long-term. The touch screen interface is simple and intuitive, and the equipment can be used proficiently without professionals.

Fully automatic production, automatic bottle feeding, automatic bottle  positioning, automatic filling, and automatic output of finished products; automatically stop filling when lack bottle or no bottle to avoid material waste

The metering pump is equipped with a SUS304 rotor pump (SUS316 for option)

The filling volume setting and filling speed of pump can be adjusted and set

The machine has a counting function, which is convenient for users to count the production capacity.

Use fast-slow double level filling speed, which can greatly reduce the foaming during the filling process, avoid material overflow and improve the filling accuracy.

Adopt diving filling nozzle to realize in-bottle filling and reduce foam generation and avoid material overflow.

The filling system adopts anti-drip and anti-backflow design, which makes the filling more accurate.

The conveyor adopts chain design, which has strong loading capacity, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, durable, non-deformable and easy to clean. The filling and bottle moving are smooth and stable.

The conveyor speed adjustable on touch screen

The machine can be equipped with a screw capping/pressing capping device to realize automatic filling and capping, which greatly saves labor costs.

This machine can be equipped with dust cover, it is optional functions and need custom made machine.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel 304, and the stainless steel surface is more beautiful by wire drawing processing, easy to clean and sterilize without hygienic dead ends, and meets the requirements of HACCP in the food industry.



It is suitable for quantitative dispensing of fluids and semi-fluids of various viscosity values and materials containing solid particles, especially for high-viscosity materials such as honey, chocolate, silica gel, glue, butter, etc.

It is widely used for quantitative packaging in the food and daily chemical industries, such as yogurt, sesame paste, mashed potatoes, salad dressing, cheese, eight-treasure porridge, jelly jam, cosmetics, ice cream, sauces, hand creams, shampoo, shower gel etc.  

It inject food material into bread core, puffs, etc. by replacing the discharge nozzle, which is suitable for bakeries, cake houses, western restaurants, coffee shops, food processing factories, etc.; it can also coat products such as cakes with cream, etc. or Do pastry decorations, etc.



Model   No.


Filling   Range


Filling   Accuracy


Production   Capacity

1-60BPM   (Affected by liquid, filling speed)


Rotor   Pump

Pump   Material

Pump   material is SUS304 (SUS316 for option)

Nozzle   QTY


Nozzle   Diameter

Pneumatic   Nozzle 10mm (Other size custom made)

Belt   Width

120mm   (Other size custom made)

Conveyor   Length


Moving   Bracket

Standard   offer (Can be removed)


L700xW400xH760mm   (Bracket and conveyor not included)

Air   Source


Power   Source






Control   Mode

Touch   Screen+PLC

Work   Mode



Product Image

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