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High Resolution InkJet Printer

Model No.︰Inkjet 1800E
Brand Name︰SINBON
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

  • This model is connected to the personal computer through USB interface, which guarantees quick and stable data transmission.

  • The supporting software for this model, Kadex, is based on Windows operating system. Easy to use with stable performance and powerful editing function.

  • The user can either use the software Kadex,to make or transfer complicated symbols freely and printing it in BMP format.

  • The user can use all the fonts available in their computer because the software Kadex, is also can installed in personal computer, and the user can increase the character library if necessary thanks to the easy expanding feature of this product.

  • This printer can print the real-time information such as current time, production date, 39 codes, EAN 13 codes or other standard UPC or coding printing ( such as product serial number), Increase/decrease the number or jump printing.

  • The user can use the software Kadex, to adjust the printing position precisely to meet the requirements of production line.

  • Simple and easy operation, there is a special video to demonstrate the operation and teaching makes learning easy .

  • The design for this printer is user friendly with status indicator lamp to display the printing status.


  • Model No.: Inkjet 1800E

  • Operating System: Windows98/ WindowsMe/ WindowsXP

  • Editing software: Special computer typesetting software Kadex . Powerful function with video teaching.

  • Software function: Can easily edit symbols, texts, numbers and barcode, the specially function is whatever you preview is ,whatever is printed exactly .

  • Display: all printing parameters are display on screen, clear information!

  • Printing Resolution DPI: 200 DPI  

  • Status display: Red light ( Sensor is working); Yelllow light (Encoder is working). Green light (Printing is working); White light ( Computer connection is working)

  • Printing fonts: High-definition printing any font,can also printing dot matrix font.         ( imitation dot matrix font)

  • Printing symbols: It can print various trademarks, logos, Chinese or foreign languages fonts, numbers, characters and special signs.

  • Lines of printing: can edit the quantity of lines within the valid height ( 18mm).

  • Printing UPC: ITF/CODE39/JAN/EAN128/QR

  • Height of Character: Can choose the character height within print height range 1mm~18mm

  • Width of Spray Head: 18mm

  • Best printing Distance: The distance between the spray head and printing objects should be 5-10mm

  • Printing Direction: The spray head can be adjusted 0-180° vertical downward or vertical updward, from left to right horizontally

  • Automatic Printing: Date, time, lot No, Shift No, Sequence No etc.

  • Message Memory: Limitless memory space for messages

  • Text Length: Max. 250 characters.

  • Sequence No: 1-9 variable numbers

  • Printing Speed: Maximum 35 meters /minute and the speed isn't influenced when printing more lines.

  • Colors of Ink Cartridges:Black, Red, Blue, White

  • Printing Direction: Forward, reverse, vertical downward or vertical updward.

  • Printing material: Metal, plastic, wood, aluminum film, carton or building material surface ect.

  • Applicable products:Display screen of mobile phone, drink lids, food package bags, medicine package, steel-plastic door & window, aluminum alloy, battery, plastic tube, steel plate, PCB, chip, woven bag, egg, brake, housing for mobile phone, carton etc.

  • Ink Cartridge:Solvant based environmentally friendly ink cartridge or oil based ink cartridge. No need to use external gas source or dilution.

  • Main Interface: USB, encoder,sensor

  • Printer Dimension: 34.7x22.4x 11.5cm 

  • Auto voltage selection: AC110- 220V

  • Energy Consumption: Average lower than 100W

  • Weight of printer: 12 KGS

  • Operation Temperature: 1℃-37℃;Humidity 30% -70%

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