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Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

Model No.︰PM-60F
Brand Name︰SINBON
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

Vertical Packaging Machines are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and light industry, including powder packaging machine, granule packaging machine and liquid packaging machine to pack granule, powder, liquid, paste, tablets or pills into small bags.

  • All packaging procedures including bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting are finished automatically.
  • LCD display, step motor slips bags, Either setting bag length or photoswitch tracing making bag can finish bag length and cut in one step, save time and film.
  • With quadruple heat-control, temperature control precise. Each sealing track temperature can be adjusted separately, heat-balance is good, seal quality is better, suitable for many types of packing film
  • Equipped with cursor ACS (Automatic control system), can acquire complete trademark pattern and precise cutting position
  • All the parts touched material to be packed are made of stainless steel or non-poisoned materials. Well observing side-open shield cover is easy and safe to operate.
  • Vertical packaging machine has small volume, low power consumption, driving system is simple and reliable and maintenance is easy.
  • Specially designed position-stop function insures heat-sealer and cutter always in open position whenever machine stop to work, preventing packing film, material and sealers burning.
  • Packing Material should be composite films such as PET/PE, PAPER/PE, PET/AL/PE, OPP/PE etc.
  • Optional Parts: Ribbon Printer, Air Expeller, Rotate Cutter, Knocking-device on bag former

  • Step motor is applied in bag-making system. Controller with Chinese or English displaying. With quadruple heat-control and reliable photoelectric detectable system. Print Batch No. and Manufacture date automatically and with tearing notch. The screw rotates driven by step motor to feed materials can obtain high measuring precision.
  • Model No.: PM-60F
  • Packing Speed: 40-60 bags/min.
  • Measurement Range: 1-80ml
  • Bag Size: Length 50-145mm; Width 30-100mm
  • Power Source: AC380V; 3 Phases; 4 Wires; 50Hz
  • Power: 1.72kw
  • Weight: 220kg
  • Dimension: 665x770x1640mm or 665x1000x1640mm (Install ribbon printer)
  • Packaging Material: All kinds of laminated film
  • Film-roll diameter: ≤300mm 
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