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Capsule Check Weigher

Capsule Checkweigher
Model No.︰CW-3000IV
Brand Name︰SINBON
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description


Medicine manufacturing requires medicament of accurate dosage, especially some efficient medicine and medicament containg cytotoxin and hormone. At present most medicine manufacturers adopt spot check to evaluate accuracy of filling quality. The method of inspection cannot ensure that filling quantity of each capsule is exact. Excessive capsule has toxic and side effects; Deficient capsule affects curative effect. So an efficient, accurate and comprehensive inspection method is required

As an equipment inspecting weight of capsule, the machine auto-checks every piece of capsule with fast and high-precision weighing. After automatic filtration according to requirements of medicine weight, it automaticlly rejects ineligible capsules, separates eligible and ineiligible capsules and delivers them to different channels. The machine ensures that each piece of capsules is controlled within the specified range during the whole process of medicine production. In order to achieve stable, relaible and easy operation effects, the equipment adopts micro-weighing sensor system and uses PLC to do high-speed count and control. Its human machine interface is used to set working parameters and it can track and records relevant parameters automatically. Meantime touch screen displays output information of eligible and ineligible products by auto statistics. The machine is an indispensible inspection equipment  for capsule preparation manufacturers in quality assurance system



Model No.



Channels Number



Capsule Size



Weighing Range



Production Capacity






Remarks: The production capacity depends on specification of capsules to be checked.

Product Image

Capsule Checkweigher
Capsule Checkweigher
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