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Drum Filling Machine

Model No.︰ADF-300L1
Brand Name︰SINBON
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description


  • Liquid filling machine is automatic weighing and filling equipment for liquid material, which can be used in chemical, food, pesticides and other industry. This machine can avoid liquid material overflow and prevent environment pollution caused by liquid material, so it can protect workers much better and it can also work in wet, dangerous or other adverse environments.

  • Filling mode of liquid filling machine can be divided into above liquid level filling and under liquid level filling. Normally, for non-foaming liquid material, use above liquid level filling; for foaming liquid material, use under liquid level filling to prevent air bubbles produced, overflow and speed up filling. Spray Gun can be divided into FA high viscosity type and FB low viscosity type to suitable for different liquid material.


  • Product Setup: 10 different products’ weight preset

  • Data Statistic: Including cumulative weight and quantity, connected with PC for option to finish data management

  • Multistage Filling: Use two stages (Quick / Slow) or three stages (Slow / Quick / Slow) filling, improve filling accuracy highly

  • Orifice Set: Avoid splash due to pumping high pressure when fill in low viscosity material

  • Leak Protection: High viscosity spray gun solved the high viscosity material leak problem on filling, low viscosity spray gun has automatic oilcup with gas hood

  • Barrel Collide Protection: Prevent spray gun descend misalignment bung hole resulting losses

  • Rapid Replace: Connector of pipes are using rapid hickey, so it is very convenient for spray gun replace

  • Filling Spray Gun: Different bung hole, use different filling spray gun for option

  • Automatic aiming at hole: Lots of fill hole of round type container are eccentric holes, this technology can solve manual aiming at hole (for option)

  • Filling Mode: Filling mode can be filling above the barrel hole, filling in barrel, filling below liquid level, user can control spray gun elevating speed, suitable for different foam level material (for option)

  • Strong Structure: The part touched materials are made by SS316 and other parts are SS304 or painted steel

  • Simple Operation: Filling system is easy to learn and operate

  • Flexible Design: According to material features and container size, we offer suitable equipment with optional parts.

  • Easy Installation: Use expansion bolt to fix the machine on the floor, connect the material pipe, power source and air source, you can begin to fill


  • Liquid Filling Machine via weighing mode fill large volume liquid material in bulk into all kinds of container, drum or plastic drums. It is suitable for 30L to 1000 L automatic ration filling

  • Used for liquid chemical, cereal, pesticide etc.; It can be used for coating, paint, ink, adhesive, firming agent, resin, dye, detergent, machine oil, glycerol, edible oil, essence, solvent, food additives, pesticide, dangerous chemical products etc.

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